Lifetime Comfort Guarantee

A real guarantee that covers your changing needs!

Comfort King stands behind every mattress set we build. That’s why our mattresses are guaranteed comfortable for the LIFE OF THE MATTRESS. When you buy a Comfort King, you not only get more mattress for less, you also get our Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. 1 year, 5 years, even 10 years… it doesn’t matter, if you want a different feel we’ll adjust your mattress as long as you own it… guaranteed! You simply pay for whatever materials you want to add to your bed. It’s all in your hands! Please note: Transport and materials fees will apply. Comfort King will waive any Labor fees on any Comfort King mattress. We do not offer this service to other brands. Due to the hygenic issues involved , we cannot except returns on any used mattress. Contact your local store for details.

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