1. 02_Firm_Granite2023_wm-300x169 Granite


    Granite Mattress GraniteExperience unparalleled luxury and comfort with our exquisite Granite model mattress. Featuring the German Comfy800 pocketed coil system with a 3-Zoned design, enjoy exceptional support where you need it most. The firmness level ensures optimal spinal alignment, while the foam-encased edge and breathable quilted cover enhance durability and airflow. Rest easy knowing it…

  2. 01_Firm_Chateau2023_wm-300x169 Chateau


    Chateau Mattress ChateauIntroducing our remarkable Chateau mattress, the gateway to our “Every Night Adult” collection. Experience superior comfort and support with our German Comfy600 pocketed coil system. Benefit from the foam-encased edge support and 1″ support foam for enhanced comfort and durability. Sleep peacefully with the stretch fabric cover, and enjoy the confidence of a…

  3. 03_Firm_Splendor2023_wm-300x169 Splendor


    Splendor Mattress SplendorIntroducing our remarkable Splendor mattress, the epitome of excellence in sleep comfort. Experience the impeccable support of our German Comfy800 pocketed coil system, designed with a 3-Zoned structure and extra support in the center 3rd area. Revel in the perfect balance of firmness, while the foam encased edge ensures durability and edge-to-edge support….

  4. 04_Firm_Diamond2023_wm2-300x173 Diamond


    Diamond Mattress DiamondExperience the unparalleled support and comfort of our Diamond mattress, expertly crafted to cater to firm-bed enthusiasts. This mattress combines an extra firm feel with a luxurious touch of cushioning provided by the pulse latex foam. Featuring the German Comfy2000 pocketed coil system with a 3-zoned design, you can expect exceptional support precisely…

  5. 05_Firm_Endeavor_wm-300x169 Endeavor


    Endeavor Mattress EndeavorWelcome to the world of luxury and comfort with our Endeavor mattress, the perfect entry into our Italian-made Gel lineup. Experience the exquisite support of our Comfy600 German-made pocketed coils, meticulously posturized to provide targeted support to your most critical areas. Topping it all off is the absolute pinnacle of comfort—FLØWT Zero-Gravity Gel,…

  6. 06_Firm_EVERest_wm-300x169 EVERest


    EVERest Mattress EVERestIntroducing the EVERest mattress, our firmest AIRoGEL model designed to provide exceptional support and cool, restful sleep. Experience the pinnacle of comfort with our 2000+ coil German-made system, meticulously engineered for superior support. Topped with our exclusive Italian SomniGel, this mattress offers unparalleled comfort and temperature regulation. Built to outlast virtually every other…

  7. 07_Firm_DreamX_wm-300x169 Dream-X


    Dream-X Mattress Dream-XIntroducing the Dream-X mattress, the highly acclaimed and adored model in our lineup. With a firmness rating of 30ILD, it strikes the perfect balance between comfort and support. Experience the ultimate in luxurious sleep with the German Comfy2000 pocketed coil system, featuring over 2,000 individually-pocketed springs (queen size) for exceptional support. Layered with…