Buy a bed online?

So, you’re not sleeping well & you just know that your mattress is a big part of the problem. But, inflation is real & you heard that a new mattress is really expensive. Or maybe you looked at the Tempurpedic or Sleep # bed, and they definintely ARE too expensive. Plus, who wants to deal with the fast-talking mattress salesman with their whole song-&-dance? And by the time you’ve searched “new mattress”, all of your socials are FLOODED with boxbed brands that look really cool, and they promise the thing you want most – Comfortable Sleep!

But, is buying a bed online the smart way to do it? Or just easy?

A question I hear from a lot of people is: “Why would anyone buy a mattress without laying on it first?” I also wonder about this. It seems like an unnecessary gamble, when there are literally dozens of mattress showrooms in our communities.

And while I also like to do online research before buying a big ticket item, there simply is no UNBIASED mattress reviewer available online. They all seem to be getting “kickbacks” from online sellers and corporations.

Easy is usually not the smartest way to buy things, particularly big ticket items, if you care about Long Term Satisfaction. In the scenario of buying a new mattresses, I’m going to define “long term” as “more than 5 years”. Most consumers, if they were asked, would not be happy with the idea that their new bed purchased was designed to fail in under 5 years.

Sadly, this is the reality of PLANNED OBSALESCENCE. The mattress industry, specifically the polyurethane (PU) foam manufacturers, have figured out a way to make foam lose support 10X faster than it loses height. This means that 100% of mattress “warranties” will not apply to how the bed actually FEELS while you are trying to get an 8 hour sleep. Big corporations just do not care about your sleep, at all.

SOFTSPOTS: SoftSpots happen in areas of the mattress that take more of your consolidated weight (pressure points) as you lay in bed. The 2 areas that get the most pressure are the Hips/lower back & shoulder area. A SoftSpot occurs when those areas experience a 20% or more Loss-of-Support, typically in the top cushioning (PU foam) of the mattress. 100% of mattress “warranties” only cover visual sag, which is measured by pulling a string across the top of the bed & measuring the “dip”. The problem is, since PU foams are engineered to bounce back – at least VISUALLY – when you’re not on the mattress, the warranty is irrelevant to what you really need out of your bed – Support!

CONCLUSION: A mattress is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you’ll ever buy for inside your home. Your health literally depends on it. Smart people make smart choices, and the smartest way to buy a mattress is to talk to someone who knows how their built; who can explain what each & every layer inside is made of; will offer a REAL warranty that covers SoftSpots; and from a reputable company that refuses to lie in any way to their customer. Don’t settle for easy.

Buy from a company that actually CARES about your sleep!