A lot of people have great things to say about Comfort King Mattresses.  Read or watch some of the testimonials below.  If you own a Comfort King mattress, please let us know how it’s going with your mattress!  Fill out the quick form below.


Subject: Comfort King Testimonial Comfort Kings mattress and customer service

I have a couple mattresses from comfort King 1 is 9 years old I wanted to firm it up and Ben made suggestions to make it more comfortable and not an expensive fix! I’m extremely happy with the outcome ! I now have a mattress that feels like a new one again and thanks to great suggestions and great customer service I will be able to continue to enjoy my mattress for a few more years, thanks Ben!

Deb W.


Subject: Comfort King Testimonial adjustment to mattress

We bought our bed a few years ago and recently were having a miner issue with firmness.  I called the store and told them what was happening and they told us to bring it back to the store and they would make some adjustments to it.  It was done the same day and the customer service was great!

Thank you!

Heather B.


Subject: Comfort King Testimonial Emerald mattress

Just three words….I love it.

For the first time in a very long time I slept on a quality box spring and mattress. Slept completely thru the night. No aches or pains when I woke up.

The buying experience was great.

Thank you Comfort King!

Mike S.



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Subject: Comfort King Testimonial Never go anywhere else!


Comfort King Testimonial: Never go anywhere else!

This place is the best- not only do they have the best mattresses,  their costumer service is outstanding. I needed a mattress last minute and they went out of their way to help me.  All of the mattresses in our house are from them. Not only do we sleep better then ever but so do our guests. Thank you Comfort King!



Megan W.


Dear Comfort King,
Thank you Chris for the opportunity to continue to give our testimony.  The Bed is still the best investment we ever made in our life in connection to our health. Did I forget to also tell that because of his sleep quality is so much better, his diabetes has improved recently by leaps and bounds. Dr. Oppenheimer was able to take him off his daily 3 insulin injections and just oral medication to keep it lower, and his blood pressure medications have been cut down in half each day. Frank is a different person in the last 4 months. The loss of 22 lbs was from getting off insulin and sleeping better and that includes improved oxygen. People just don’t realize ALL THE BENEFITS of a good deep sleep and for 6-8 hrs.

I’ve had 4 sleep studies in the last 4 years and it always came back that I, what they call an alert sleeper, I have never in all my life gone into REM sleep and suffer from chronic fatigue, insomnia…since I don’t wake during the night any longer I am now getting that quality sleep. I always thought that the bed we had was so comfortable…Well…all of us don’t know what benefits there are in just searching and looking everywhere for an answer. I usually didn’t pay any attention to commercials about beds  because I thought I had the best bed. I believe with my whole heart and soul that God chose Comfort King as a channel to get my attention and that he used you and your employees to speak through, that is the best blessing I can imagine, no one knows when God is working in everyone, believer or not he continues to work in and around people.

So Thank you
Rebecca Cooks

Dear Comfort King,
Our new mattress was delivered yesterday. We bought a King size Divine and paid to have it delivered. I thought you should know that the two delivery guys that brought it and carried it up to our second floor bedroom did an exceptional job. Our staircase is obstructed by a low ceiling at one point and it took a huge amount of effort and ingenuity to get that mattress to fit past that obstruction. Your guys busted their tails getting that thing up there and took great care to ensure it wasn’t damaged. Obviously your concept of quality carries through even to the delivery. Please thank those guys again for a job well done!
Kevin Soiseth

Dear Comfort King,
I found that the bedding produced by Comfort King compares with any on the market including Sealy Posturepedic. In addition, they are much more affordable and can be custom designed to whatever type of firmness and individual perfers. Therefore, I highly recommend the Comfort King mattress for anyone who wants high quality bedding.
Allen D. Unruh, D.C.
Chiropractic Arts Center Sioux Falls, SD

Hi Guys,
It’s Lynn, I haven’t had my new bed very long, BUT I had to tell you, THANK YOU! I vacuumed today, and you may think that that isn’t anything to shout about, but it’s been months since I’ve been able to do that hum-drum chore myself. My back has been so much better since I’ve slept on my bed. I did laundry without having someone carry it to the washer. I can’t put into words how much less pain & aches I have now. I’ve had to have the steroid shots in my low back several times, but I think I may not have to have that for some time to come!! THANK YOU!
Lynn O..

I would just like to thank you for your wonderful service of my Comfort King mattress.

I purchased the full size mattress & box spring set in November of 2011. On June 4th, 2013, I requested the bed to be more firm and without hesitation or questions you held true to your word and picked up the mattress, made the correct adjustment, and delivered the mattress back to my home in record time and at minimum expense.  Businesses like yours are a dying breed where they follow up on their promises and place the customer first!  In addition, the two young men that picked up the mattress and delivered it back to my home were polite and considerate!

Once again, thank you for being a shining example of what modern businesses should strive for!

At The Hotel Donaldson our mission is to create memorable experiences by celebrating our region – our food, the art, the music and the mattresses! We’re so proud to tell our guests that they’re sleeping on a mattress from Comfort King, made right here in Fargo. Many guests have purchased a mattress after spending the night with us. It’s what my family and I sleep on at home. You can spend a night at the HoDo to try one out, but you don’t really need to.
Karen Burgum
Hotel Donaldson

Dear Comfort King,
I recently purchased a mattress from your Sioux Falls store. My wife and I were impressed how it made an immediate change in our sleep. First and foremost is the fact that we are able to rest comfortably in virtually every position. As for my wife, she wanted me to mention the courtesy of your staff. Once again we would like to thank you for the product and service you provide. I’m sure it will change our lives forever for the years to come.
Scott W. Nelson

Dear Comfort King,
I thought I would drop you a note and express my satisfaction with your product. We have had the Comfort King mattress now for well over a year and are as happy with it as the day you brought it out to our house. You can be proud of the excellent product your firm manufactures.Thank you!
Dan Galvin.

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    April 25 2016



    I want to write a note to let you know about the great delivery crew you have.  My mattress and powerbase were delivery perfectly on Thursday, April 21st.  They were spot on for time–I was actually a little late, but they politely gave me a voicemail saying they had arrived at my house.


    They were polite and removed their shoes, they were neat with the unpacking of the powerbase, and removal of the packaging at the end. They helped me move the old mattress and box spring to the detached garage.  I have a small old house and it was a tight squeeze for moving everything, and I know that my family dreads helping me move things because of the tight parameters and hardwood floors, but they did a great job.  I applaud the two gentlemen for their professionalism and also customer service.  One explained the remote very clearly and also the proper care for the bed (rotating it), etc. They made sure that any/all my questions were answered before they left.


    I will highly recommend Comfort King to my friends and clients!

    -Casey Bartz

    Moorhead, MN

    May 2016

    Dear Comfort King

    Over the years, we’ve purchased a total of 7 beds from Comfort King. The first was well over ten years ago.  We’ve had it adjusted a couple times and the guys in the Fargo store were great to work with.  When we first bought the bed, it was more comfortable with a softer mattress and as we’ve grown older, we needed more support.  With the lifetime comfort guarantee, they were able to firm up the mattress – which is a lot better than having to buy a new bed. Overall it’s just as comfortable now as the day we bought it.  Last year we moved that bed to the cabin and upgraded to a larger king size bed with the somnigel.  We are very impressed with the new bed… just when you think you couldn’t sleep better, they invented something new.  All of our kids have Comfort Kings mattresses and we have a few extras for guests.  I highly recommend Comfort King Mattress Factory.  They have earned our business and we wouldn’t shop for mattresses anywhere else.

    Dan N.

    i have loved my CK since I first got it. Great quality and helpful sales—NOT all that silly stuff. After 3.5 years I just asked about a few spots where I could feel the mattress was different. Not bad or anything, just…different. They had me come in to get a new layer to glue on my mattress and gave me a pillow! These guys are the BEST!

    — Doug Chapman  11/14/2018

    September 2019

    We came to Comfort King in Sioux Falls with a special request.  We needed a mattress we could easily move around and fit in a odd space.  Travis helped design a perfect solution for our space.  We tweeted it a bit, Travis made it better.  It’s absolutely perfect.  Very comfortable, easy to move.  Thanks, Comfort King and Travis and the crew!


    Sept 2019

    John and Steven delivered  right  on time and we’re very professional.  Thanks for a job well done guys!


    • Vicky H.

    AUG 2019

    They were prompt, courteous, and have great customer skills.  They even offered to put the bed skirt over the box spring before they put on the new mattress.  See you in 10 years!  🙂


    • Orlin & Louise B.

    June 2019

    I bought my twin mattress  22 years ago, about 6 months after they opened in Fargo and it was from the owners son. I have had it back 2 times to get foam in 20 years. My friend bought a king mattress from Comfort King over 15 years ago and he worked selling beds for competitor that sold other brands. Comfort king it not the lowest priced but it sure lasts longer.

    -Sam J.

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