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Alaskan King Mattresses

The World’s Best Alaskan King Mattresses

When shopping around for an excellent mattress, you’re bound to have stumbled upon some well-known king-size mattresses, such as the Wyoming king, the California king, and the tremendous and majestic Alaskan king. However, what you didn’t know is that aside from these mattresses being named after large states, they also boast larger mattress dimensions than other varieties.

Although they’re not as common as say full- or queen-sized beds, these oversized mattresses are coveted for their exemplary comfort when paired with a suitable bed frame. Plus, an Alaskan king mattress proves to be an ideal mattress for couples and families who sleep in the same room.

At Comfort King, we manufacture beds to any specifications—yes, even Alaska king-size dimensions. Find out more information about the great Alaskan king mattress and why it might be ideal for your sleep needs.

What Is an Alaskan King Mattress?

The pioneers of the mattress industry, dating back to the 1960s, yearned to improve the livelihoods of the standard American household. Through their resolve comes the invention of California king size mattresses, which were initially aimed at families migrating upstate. Soon after, the production of oversized mattresses became quite popular with the Wyoming king, the Texas king, and the master of them all, the Alaskan king mattress.

The jumbo-sized Alaskan king is the largest oversized mattress in the world. Due to its size, these beds can accommodate multiple sleepers with ease. Furthermore, their dimensions make them suitable for taller individuals who are over 6 feet tall.

How Big Is An Alaskan King Mattress?

Compared to the conventional standard king size mattress, the Alaskan king mattress is far superior to all mattress calibers of the same quality, measuring a staggering 108 inches square (108 inches by 108 inches).

Compared to traditional king size mattresses measuring 80 inches by 76 inches and the Wyoming king at 84 inches by 84 inches, the Alaskan king oversized mattress dimensions overshadow the rest. In terms of dimensions, you can consider the Alaskan king mattress as a combination of two full-sized beds placed together. So, make sure that you purchase “oversized” comforters and sheets to fit this non-standard mattress size.

This size provides significant benefits that promote better sleeping conditions, such as spacious legroom, more space to roll around, and the ability to sleep with additional people, pets, or stuffed animals. No matter how much you try to cut down on space, the Alaskan king mattress will still prove to have more than enough.

At Comfort King in Sioux Falls, our custom-made Alaska king size mattress can be tailored to fit your desired measurements. If you prefer larger oversized mattresses, our team of professionals can help you see your vision by scaling your Alaskan mattress to an even greater size.

What Are the Costs of an Alaskan King Bed?

Like any other queen-size or king-size bed, the cost of an Alaskan king bed depends on the specific brand. On average, the costs of buying an Alaskan king mattress can cost anywhere between $3500 and $7000, which is much more expensive than your typical California king or queen-size bed.

The price can be even higher if you plan to purchase a high-quality Alaskan king mattress containing memory foam or hybrid materials. And due to the bed’s large build measuring 9 feet by 9 feet, it will require more material to support the bed frame structure.

Most Alaskan king bed frames are tailor-made for the matching mattress; therefore, you can mitigate costs depending on the material you chose for the bed structure. For example, a pure mahogany Alaskan king bed will likely cost more than a simple alloy one.

An Alaskan king bed headboard’s typical weight is about 250 pounds whereas the footboard is usually 125 pounds. Therefore, the denser the material, the heavier the bed, and the more money you’ll pay for labor, material, and transportation costs.

If you chose to equip your bed with luxury decor and lavish headboards, rails, box springs, and sleigh footboards, then you can expect to pay quite an amount. At Comfort King in Sioux Falls, we offer cost-effective Alaskan king beds specifically designed to match your desired budget.

Where Can I Buy an Alaskan King Bed?

Most oversized beds are quite tricky to find in ordinary mattress stores and retail outlets. The best way to buy an Alaskan king bed is to directly order it online or straight from the manufacturer and to have it delivered to you. However, most manufacturers don’t have pre-custom Alaskan beds in stock; instead, you will have to place an order and have one built.

The advantage to this custom-made process is that you can design your bed to your liking. Your material choice, build, size, and components will only be limited to your budget and your vision. Furthermore, if you’ve designed your bed frame to be larger than usual, you can work hand-in-hand with mattress manufacturers to match your mattress with your customized bed dimensions. If you’re looking for premium custom-made oversized bed mattresses, look no further than Comfort King. We are a designated mattress manufacturer specializing in high-quality Alaskan king, California king, and other family bed mattresses tailored to match your desired preferences.

What Size Comforter Should Be Used With an Alaskan King Mattress?

The concept of “oversized” is often used to describe comforters made to pair with Alaskan king size mattresses. However, their dimensions vary with some sizes measuring 118 inches by 122 inches whereas others are 124 inches by 132 inches. Therefore, when selecting an appropriate comforter size, you need to ensure that the bedding measurements will adequately fit your mattress.

Will an Alaskan King Mattress Fit Through My Door?

Despite its immense size, typical box dimensions of an Alaskan king mattress measures at 115 inches by 33 inches by 52 inches. This means that the mattress can fit through most doorways without much hassle. However, if you suspect that your room door is too narrow, it is recommended to take measurements and have a customized mattress specifically created to fit through your door. Our Comfort King mattress manufacturing plant in Sioux Falls can help you measure and ensure that your oversized mattress fits well within the confines of your room and door space.

Should I Get an Alaskan King Bed?

In a nutshell, obtaining an Alaskan king bed depends on your overall budget and indoor space. For some, housing the oversized mattress can be an issue because of its extended width. If you live in a cluttered room, an Alaskan king bed will only further consume your space, ultimately limiting your movement.

You can always readjust your king bed dimensions or purchase a custom mattress to fit into your recommended room size if space is the issue. However, it is recommended for better mobility to move any dressers, drawers, and furniture that get in the way of your bed. If you lack proper sleep or are a tall sleeper, an Alaskan king bed is a worthwhile investment for a good night’s rest.

How Many People Can Sleep in an Alaskan King Bed?

Thanks to its massive structure and substantial width, the mattress is best utilized as a family bed to accommodate parents, toddlers, and pets with room left over. The overall number of people that an Alaskan king size mattress can facilitate is four people on average. However, the number of people who can fit depends on each sleeper’s overall height and size.

Alaskan King Mattress Options

Depending on the exact brand and mattress manufacturer, most Alaskan king mattresses comprise of typical materials found in standard mattress sizes, including:

Memory foam: Memory foam Alaskan mattresses comprise soft memory foam gel, which conforms to the sleeper’s body and supports sensitive joints. It is suitable for side sleepers as it doesn’t compress their ribs.

Latex: Latex Alaskan king mattresses are one of the cheapest options on the market. They utilize rubber formed from natural tree sap. While not as soft as memory foam, these large mattress varieties are dense, making them durable and long-lasting.

Hybrid: A hybrid Alaskan king mattress combines innerspring and memory foam technology to provide maximum support while also keeping the body cool and comfortable. All of the mattresses built at Comfort King are considered hybrid types.

Dense foam: A firm Alaskan king mattress comes with a thick 9-inch poly foam base. This dense foam provides sufficient support to the skeletal structure and keeps you afloat, unlike memory foam. It is ideal for sleepers with sore backs or poor posture.