Comfy Pillow

Comfy Pillow

Meet the world’s most ADJUSTABLE pillow. Made with our special blend of the most comfortable, durable & hypo-allergenic foam in the world, Comfy Pillow will allow you to easily control the shape & comfort of your pillow. And with our zippered cover, you can adjust the firmness at will.

“YES!” Finally a pillow I’m not fighting with all night. I can scrunch it right where I need support. Side-sleep or on my back, it’s great! I can adjust the fullness & it’s affordable! I’ve tried many expensive/popular pillows that feel great for a week, then…back to the same sore neck. 3 weeks in & so far I’m still in love with this pillow! TRY IT :))) ” —- Cari, Chiropractic Assistant @ Upper Cervical of Sioux Falls

“I’ve got arthritis, and I went through many different pillows, spent over $1,000 searching for the right one. I finally found the best pillow in the world at Comfort King!” – Brad C.

“I like the Comfy Pillow because it holds its shape & doesn’t go flat” – Pat B.

“This is the first pillow I’ve ever had that is comfortable in any sleeping position” – Josh

Ideal alignment is having your neck straight up and down when looking at your posture from the front or back. When looking from the side you should have a smoothing flowing C-curvature.


Sleeping on a pillow that is too thick, or too thin, can cause serious spinal deformity that can damage your health in a myriad of ways, for many years.



Your Perfect Pillow comes with a 15 year warranty against any manufacturer defects. Warranty excludes normal wear, shipping costs & comfort preference.



Your Perfect Pillow can be machine washed & dried on “Normal” settings. Make sure that the supplied safety pin is attached to zipper & pillow fabric to ensure that zipper stays shut during laundering. Wash pillow with a full load of laundry. Use extra spin cycles as necessary. Only dry through one cycle, as overheating can damage the filler material.

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