Comfy Pillow

Comfy Pillow

Meet the world’s most ADJUSTABLE pillow. Made with our special blend of the most comfortable, durable & hypo-allergenic foam in the world, Comfy Pillow will allow you to easily control the shape & comfort of your pillow. And with our zippered cover, you can adjust the firmness at will.

An adjustable pillow will substantially increase your comfort, improve the alignment of your neck and help relax your muscles. According to many reports, most sleepers should straighten their spines while they are sleeping. Doing so can considerably reduce the level of pressure within the spine and gradually decrease inflammation in the vertebrae. If a pillow is too large/firm, the spine may curve upward, yet some people frequently settle for flat pillows that do not provide adequate support.

Relaxing the Muscles and Decreasing Nerve Sensitivity

If a standard pillow does not provide adequate support, your muscles might become tense during the nighttime and, once you wake up, you may experience stiffness, soreness and tenderness. Fortunately, an adjustable pillow will consistently support your muscles, nerves and tendons.

Improving Comfort and Increasing Softness

The Comfy Pillow is made of thousands of individual latex foam “NOODLES”, which allows for maximum air-flow & adjustability . According to many surveys, 90% of respondents have indicated that an adjustable pillow can help reduce insomnia & neckpain.

“YES!” Finally a pillow I’m not fighting with all night. I can scrunch it right where I need support. Side-sleep or on my back, it’s great! I can adjust the fullness & it’s affordable! I’ve tried many expensive/popular pillows that feel great for a week, then…back to the same sore neck. 3 weeks in & so far I’m still in love with this pillow! TRY IT :))) ” —- Cari, Chiropractic Assistant @ Upper Cervical of Sioux Falls

“I’ve got arthritis, and I went through many different pillows, spent over $1,000 searching for the right one. I finally found the best pillow in the world at Comfort King!” – Brad C.

“I like the Comfy Pillow because it holds its shape & doesn’t go flat” – Pat B.

“This is the first pillow I’ve ever had that is comfortable in any sleeping position” – Josh

Ideal alignment is having your neck straight up and down when looking at your posture from the front or back. When looking from the side you should have a smoothing flowing C-curvature.


Sleeping on a pillow that is too thick, or too thin, can cause serious spinal deformity that can damage your health in a myriad of ways, for many years.



Your Perfect Pillow comes with a 15 year warranty against any manufacturer defects. Warranty excludes normal wear, shipping costs & comfort preference.



Your Perfect Pillow can be machine washed & dried on “Normal” settings. Make sure that the supplied safety pin is attached to zipper & pillow fabric to ensure that zipper stays shut during laundering. Wash pillow with a full load of laundry. Use extra spin cycles as necessary. Only dry through one cycle, as overheating can damage the filler material.

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