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Power Bases

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Power Bases / Zero Gravity

Many people struggle to get a good night of sleep. Sometimes having a good, high quality mattress is not enough. When you are in need of extra comfort and more flexibility in your mattress, consider a power base. Power Bases afford the user a wide range of sleep positions to help achieve the perfect sleep. You don’t even need a special mattress. Your current Comfort King mattress can be fitted with a power base system.

Research has shown that sleeping with the feet and head in an elevated position can be beneficial for circulation and overall health. We have customers who used to struggle with back pain, shoulder pain and sleeplessness who now experience refreshing, re-energizing, comfortable sleep.

Reduces Back Pain

Our Power Base bed frames make it easy to adjust the mattress position, which helps to provide additional support for the spine. The result is that you will experience reduced pressure on specific parts of your body, such as the shoulders or back.

Helps With Managing Sleep Issues

There are various common sleep issues, including asthma, apnea, and more. An adjustable bed helps mitigate these issues by alleviating the pressure on certain aspects of the body. This works by lifting body sections such as the neck, which are the common areas of the body where snoring and apnea occur.

Reduces Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Have you ever experienced heartburn or acid reflux issues during your sleep? Well, you may be able to attribute the health issue to poor posture when resting at night. An adjustable bed lets you better customize your resting position to help reduce such issues with your stomach.

An adjustable bedframe is an excellent addition to your resting regimen. Our Power Base frames are easy to adjust and work in the same way as traditional beds. Browse our frames below to find the best fit for you!

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"The Power Base has changed my life."

This Comfort King customer tells his story of how sleeping on a Power Base topped with our PARADISE mattress has dramatically improved his sleep, and enabled him to join his wife in their matrimonial slumber.

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5 Benefits of Zero Gravity Sleeping

Adjustable bases have gained major popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Today’s adjustable bases are attractive and well designed, boasting stylish upholstery, state-of-the-art technology and bonus features like USB ports, wireless remote and full-body massage — plus they offer a ton of lifestyle and health benefits that anyone can enjoy.
Defy Gravity: Adjustable beds allow the user to achieve “zero gravity,” a semi-seated position where the feet are raised to the same level as the heart. This position mimics the posture astronauts assume during take-off and is said to create a feeling of weightlessness, easing pressure on the back and spine and temporarily relieving back pain.

Squash Snoring

If you or your partner snores, you know how dramatically this condition can impact your quality of sleep. Not only does the noise keep you wide awake, but the snorer often wakes himself up, too. By lifting the head of the mattress five to ten degrees, you can help banish this common sleep-snatcher.

Halt Heartburn

An elevated head and torso can help you avoid the stinging pain of heartburn, which occurs when acid from the stomach moves it way into the esophagus. Heartburn sufferers often stack pillows behind their head for relief, but an adjustable bed offers a far comfier, ergonomically friendly alternative.

Boost Circulation

Raising the feet slightly above the heart allows blood to pump more freely throughout the body, improving circulation and reducing swelling. For those who suffer from edema, or swelling of the limbs, the ability to quickly and comfortably raise the foot of the bed is one of the most valuable features of an adjustable base.

Breathe Easy

Those with respiratory difficulties such as asthma or allergies may benefit from the breath-boosting powers of an adjustable base. Elevating the torso at a slight angle takes pressure off the lungs and airway and may make it easier to take fuller, more relaxed breaths.

Come visit our Comfort King sleep specialist today to explore power base options and how you can start getting better sleep today!

2 Years on a Power Base No Neck Problems!

This couple had health issues that were interfering with their ability to sleep, until the bought a DivineX model with Power Base from Comfort King!

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ORBIT Power Base Pricing

ORBIT Power Base
Note: Power Base prices will be higher when purchased without a mattress.

GALAXY Power Base Pricing

GALAXY Power Base Pricing
Note: Power Base prices will be higher when purchased without a mattress.

JUPITER Power Base Pricing

JUPITER Power Base
Note: Power Base prices will be higher when purchased without a mattress.