The World’s Best Mattresses
It’s worth repeating that you’ll find the best mattresses right here.  Below you’ll find a selection of mattresses as designed by Comfort King, but any of these can be customized for what you need.  Tap the button to the right and let us know what you need and we’ll give you a quote.


PillowSOFT Mattresses


The DREAM is simply, and we do not exaggerate, a combination of the most luxurious materials available in the entire mattress industry. From German coils, to Italian FLOWt gel & American Latex foam, the DREAM has no equal that we have yet seen anywhere in the industry!

Starting at $3264


The DIVINE is one of our softest models, at a 20ILD. But because we cut no corners in the design, we can stand behind our 15 year SoftSpot Warranty. 

Featuring our Comfy800 German pocketed coil system, ECO Mini comfort coil, genuine Latex & FLO foams. Zippered access or unlimited Comfort Adjustments.
Starting at $2120


The ANGELIC is on the softer end of the spectrum, but it’s soft in a GOOD way. Unlike mass-produced mattresses of a similar fell, the Angelic will maintain it’s feel & shape for many years. And that’s not just an empty sales pitch. Comfort King is the ONLY manufacturer to stand behind our products with a SoftSpot Warranty!
Starting at $696


You like soft beds, and your not ashamed to say it. Some people say “A FIRM mattress is best for a bad back!”. Well, hold your horses there. Some of us prefer a mattress that hugs you back. Welcome to MarshmellowLand.
Starting at $1198


The PARADISE is one of our all-time best selling designs we’ve ever created. 

With a 24 ILD, this model is definitely on the softer end of the spectrum.

And because we never cut corners on our components, we proudly stand behind it with a 15 year SoftSPot Warranty! 
Starting at $1582

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