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Double/Full Hybrid Mattresses

The World’s Best Double/Full Hybrid Mattresses

Double Bed vs. Full-Size Mattress

A double bed is slightly bigger than a twin and a little smaller than a queen. “Full size mattress” and “double bed” are terms that are used interchangeably to refer to the same mattress size. The two beds have the same dimensions of 4 feet 6 inches (54 inches) wide and 6 feet 2 inches (74 inches) in length. The dimensions are most comfortable for those under 6 feet tall, so taller individuals are better off choosing a longer bed.

Who Should You Buy a Double Bed?

A double mattress may sound like it provides plenty of room for two people to share, but it can be a little cramped if the individuals are not small in stature (more on that later). In spite of this, it was the most preferred choice for couples in the 1940s, mostly due to the lacking variety for bed sizes.

While for most couples full mattresses don’t provide adequate space, today, it’s a great choice for single adults with limited space in their home needing a bigger bed than a twin. Parents should also consider a double for growing children and teens. A full-sized bed can comfortably accommodate your child all the way to their early adult years—especially with Comfort King’s Lifetime Comfort Guarantee!

Is a Full-Size Bed Good for Couples?

As we previously mentioned, a full-size bed feels quite spacious for a single sleeper and can also leave a little room for a partner—27 inches width by 75 inches for each person, in fact. This may be enough space to lie down but doesn’t leave your partner with enough personal space to turn. Studies show that the average individual rolls over between 37 and 40 times each night, so if you or your partner are restless sleepers, this might cause some disruption.

On the other hand, this mattress size also promotes snuggling, closeness, and coziness, which is reported to make couples happier but may result in sleep loss impacted by your partner’s sleep issues. Before taking a full-size bed home, consider your height as well as that of your significant other versus the length of the bed.

Other reasons that have discredited the full-size beds for couples over the years include increased income in households and the popularity of king-size and queen-size mattresses.

A Twin vs. a Full Bed

A twin-size mattress can also be referred to as a single bed, quite like how a full bed can be called a double. A twin is the smallest standard mattress size for an adult as it is 38 inches wide by 75 inches long.

Unlike a full bed, a single twin mattress cannot be used for couples as it’s too small, but two twin beds are a great choice for couples who prefer to sleep separately. They can be joined to form the same dimensions as a king-sized mattress for more cuddle room. It’s also the perfect option for couples who have distinct support needs and firmness preferences.

How Big Is a Double vs. a Queen?

Queen-size beds are 60 by 80 inches, making them a perfect fit for various sleepers. These include couples looking for affordable options and individuals looking for a luxurious mattress.

Unlike a double, a queen is a nice ensemble for a master bedroom, accommodates most couples, and even leaves some room for their kids and small pets. It’s also a convenient choice for a guest room since it can accommodate extra sleepers. Variations of the queen-size mattress include:

  • The Olympic queen, which is 6 inches wider
  • The California queen, which offers 4 extra inches of length

How Do I Know What Size My Bed Is?

You can confirm your bed size by double-checking your mattress order. It will be specified on the receipt together with a mattress warranty. However, if you lost your receipt or the mattress size isn’t specified, you can take your own measurements using a measuring tape.

  • Measure the length in inches from the head of the mattress to the foot of the mattress.
  • Measure the width of the mattress from side to side in inches.

Is a full-size hybrid mattress the perfect size for your needs? Comfort King can custom-build your double based on your comfort preferences, incorporating your desired density or firmness to give you the best support and night’s sleep of your life. Choose from firm, plush, or pillow top mattresses and add a full-size power base that will offer a wider range of sleep positions. Visit our Comfort King sleep specialists in Sioux Falls and Fargo today!