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Queen Hybrid Mattresses

The World’s Best Queen Hybrid Mattresses

After a long stressful day, you need to be able to come home and get some much-needed sleep to recharge for the next day. The Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get a minimum of seven hours of sleep every day. However, getting your recommended hours can be a bit tricky on a worn mattress.

Unfortunately, replacing your old mattress can be challenging. You want something spacious but also comfortable. Then there’s which type of mattress to choose. Do you get an innerspring mattress or memory foam? There’s another option when it comes to mattress types: hybrid models. A queen-sized hybrid mattress ticks all the boxes, offering superior comfort for a wide range of sleepers. Continue reading to learn more about queen size hybrid mattresses and how Comfort King offers the most high quality, locally manufactured mattresses on the market.

What Is a Queen Hybrid Mattress?

In the past, people had to choose between an innerspring and memory foam mattress. On the one hand, innerspring mattresses are known for their responsiveness & DURABILITY. Their spring construction allows air to circulate through them, keeping you cool and comfortable through the night.

Later on, memory foam mattresses were introduced, marketed as the most beneficial for back pain, arthritis, and other musculoskeletal issues. They hug the body’s natural curves, providing ample support for your joints.

A hybrid mattress combines these materials for maximum comfort during sleep. Our factory-made queen hybrid mattresses are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. The extra space can make all the difference for couples. You’ll especially appreciate the extra real estate more if you have a spouse who tosses and turns in their sleep. Hybrid mattresses also help with this problem by limiting motion transfer. 

Advantages of the Queen Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattress technology is the latest in comfort. However, if you’re still unconvinced, here are the benefits of getting yourself a queen hybrid mattress:

Firmness and Support – Hybrid mattresses have an innerspring system and a variety of foam layers on top. The innerspring frame gives the mattress firmness and support, while the foam layers add to comfort when sleeping.

Size – While a spacious bed is ideal, it has to be balanced with the room’s size. Interior designers recommend leaving at least 30 inches on either side of the bed. This means that a queen-sized mattress can comfortably fit in a 10-foot-by-10-foot bedroom. The average apartment bedroom is about 132 square feet, which offers more than enough space to accommodate a bed this size.

Spacious – Sharing a bed doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Couples usually find out the hard way when they officially start living together. A queen-sized hybrid has more than enough space for both of you. Three people can easily fit in this mattress and leave room to spare.

Better Cooling – Pure gel memory foam in the traditional foam mattress is known to retain body heat at night. This can cause it to get uncomfortably warm at night. Hybrid mattresses have sufficient air circulation below the bed. The body heat absorbed by the mattress dissipates away, leaving you to enjoy your sleep.

How to Care for Your Mattress

Did you know you spend more time on your bed than any other piece of furniture in your home? With proper care, your mattress can last for up to 10 years. Below are a few tips on how to care for your mattress and help it last longer.

Invest in a Mattress Protector

Everyone knows the bed isn’t the best place to eat or drink. Despite your better judgment, you’ll still break this rule multiple times. The spilled drinks, chemicals, and sweat from your body can break down the foam. A mattress protector prevents liquids from soaking in and damaging the mattress.

Ensure There’s Proper Support

The mattress sustains a lot of weight during the course of its life. Resist the temptation to put your new mattress on an old box spring. In addition to damaging the mattress, it also voids most warranties. Buy a new box spring or a platform bed with adequate slats for support. Or opt for one of our state-of-the-art adjustable power bases for a wide range of comfortable sleep positions that combat back pain and promote healthy circulation.

Keep It Clean

You leave dead skin cells on the bed every time you go to bed. These can attract dust mites, bed bugs, and other nasty critters. Add this to sweat and dust, and the bed becomes a cesspool of germs. Strip the mattress of all beddings and vacuum it. Ensure you also wash the bedding regularly.

Rotate the Mattress

Mattresses deform when subjected to weight. Most people use only part of the mattress, which caves right in the middle. The edge of where you sit every morning also wears out faster. Rotate and flip the mattress at least once a month when it’s new. It ensures the mattress is used uniformly.

Final Thoughts

Your body needs time to recover after a tiresome day. A bad mattress can deny you the rest you need, leaving you grumpy and tired every morning. In addition to lack of sleep, a worn mattress can also cause neck and back pains.

A queen hybrid mattress is just one of the many mattresses produced by Comfort King. Using high-quality materials, we create a premium mattress for every firmness preference — whether you prefer a firm mattress or need some extra cushioning. Try our products and find out why we’re the mattress king of Sioux Falls, Fargo, and surrounding areas.