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Power Bases / Zero Gravity
Many people struggle to get a good night of sleep. Sometimes having a good, high quality mattress is not enough. When you are in need of extra comfort and more flexibility in your mattress, consider a power base. Power Bases afford the user a wide range of sleep positions to help achieve the perfect sleep. You don’t even need a special mattress.  Your current Comfort King mattress can be fitted with a power base system.

Research has shown that sleeping with the feet and head in an elevated position can be beneficial for circulation and overall health. We have customers who used to struggle with back pain, shoulder pain and sleeplessness who now experience refreshing, re-energizing, comfortable sleep.

 Come visit our Comfort King sleep specialist today to explore power base options and how you can start getting better sleep today!

Comfort King is proud to offer Reverie power foundations at our Sioux Falls and Fargo mattress stores.

Orbit pic website

ORBIT Power Base

Top Features:

  • Whisper Quiet lift system
  • Head raises to 65º
  • Foot raises to 38º
  • 4 straight 8″ black powder coated legs
  • Designed to fit most modern bed frames
  • 850 lbs. lift capacity
Galaxy website

GALAXY Power Base

Top Features

  • Dual massagers
  • Cordless Backlit Remote
  • Four-corner retainer bars to keep the mattress contoured to the base
  • 2 Programmable Memory Buttons
  • Whisper quiet lift system
  • Head raises to 70º
  • Foot raises to 47º
  • Compatible with most modern bed frames and headboards
  • Includes adjustable headboard brackets
  • 850 lbs. lift capacity

JUPITER Power Base

Top Features

  • OLED Remote w/High Resolution screen
  • 2-Way BLUETOOTH Technology- Shows current position & massage in numbers
  • Four-corner retainer bars to keep the mattress contoured to the base
  • Wireless Charging pad
  • Zero Clearance base
  • 850 # lifting capacity
  • Power strip underneath bed with 3 more AC outlets
  • LED underbed night light
  • LUMBAR tilt for added support
  • Wall Snuggler™
  • 2 Memory Buttons
  • Adjustable headboard bracket kit included
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