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Twin Hybrid Mattresses

The World’s Best Twin Hybrid Mattresses

The average person spends about 230,000 hours of life sleeping. At Comfort King in Sioux Falls and Fargo, we believe that every one of those hours should be pure bliss. We know that shopping for a new mattress can be overwhelming, so Comfort King remains committed to making your next purchase as smooth as possible. Stop dreaming about the perfect mattress and experience one for yourself!


If you’re looking for a mattress with versatility, a twin hybrid bed is a great place to start. Twin mattresses are 38 inches wide and 74 inches long. Ideal for children and teens, a twin can also comfortably fit a smaller adult. The feel of your twin mattress is one of the most important factors to consider. Do you opt for something firm or a bed that’s more on the softer side? Maybe a mattress right in between? Whatever your preference, Comfort King’s hybrids are your ticket to restful sleep.

Adjustable Base

The pocketed coil “Hybrid” mattresses from Comfort King are the perfect choice for an adjustable base. Our plush mattresses contour to the shape of your body and absorb movement during sleep. Their flexibility makes our mattresses a great match for adjustable bases.

Twin Mattress Uses

Some might assume only families can benefit from a twin mattress, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our Hybrid twin mattresses are the perfect addition to any bedroom or guest room, whether you live alone or cohabitate with several others.

Twin mattresses are also great options for day beds. Move your mattress to the living room for additional seating or situate it against a window for a makeshift window seat. To create a split king for extra space, push two extra-large twin mattresses together.

Mattress Care

It’s critical to keep your mattress in good shape for the best sleep of your life. With the right care, your mattress can last up to ten years or 3,500 nights of sleep!

Here are some of the necessary actions to properly care for your mattress:

Rotate: After purchasing, make sure to rotate your plush new mattress from end to end every two weeks. Do this for the first four months and then every three months after that in order to avoid lumps and bumps.

Clean: Maintain the pristine condition of your mattress with regular vacuuming. Doing so eliminates dirt and dust buildup before it is ground too deep into the fabric. Excess water creates the perfect breeding ground for mold, so avoid dampening your mattress by lightly dabbing stains with a gentle soap. Eliminate stinky odors by sprinkling your mattress with baking soda for 20 minutes, and then vacuum to reveal a fresher scent.

Use sheet protection: Make your mattress extra durable with a washable cover. A mattress cover prolongs the life of your mattress and protects it from dirt and stains. It also provides a barrier against allergens and pesky bedbugs.