The World’s Best Mattresses
It’s worth repeating that you’ll find the best mattresses right here.  Below you’ll find a selection of mattresses as designed by Comfort King, but any of these can be customized for what you need.  Tap the button to the right and let us know what you need and we’ll give you a quote.


Firm Mattresses


This bed is simply the BEST FIRM(ish) MATTRESS YET TO BE CONCEIVED BY MANKIND. The DREAM X starts with our Comfy2000 German pocketed coil system with the highest coil count in the industry. The comfort layers are the definition of Luxury, with genuine Latex foam, Italian AIRoGEL & FLO FOM. This model can support adults of ALL sizes.

Quality materials weigh more than cheap ones, which is why the DreamX weighs in at just over 200 pounds.
Starting at $1994


The 1st (& FIRMEST) of our AIRoGEL line, the EVEREST uses the Comfy2000, our German pocketed coil system that can support even the heaviest of sleepers. Topped with Italian AIRoGEL & a breathable Zippered quilt, the EVEREST comes in at a 39ILD. 
Starting at $1760


Our 1st model using our Comfy800 German 3-Zone pocketed coil. Good FIRM model.
Starting at $698


The Diamond is a fantastically supportive, nearly foamless Firmer model with our Comfy2000 German pocketed coil system with a Firmness rating of 34 ILD.
Starting at $1088


Entry into our “Every night Adult” mattresses. Uses our Comfy600 German pocketed coil system.
Starting at $398

Plush Mattresses


Featuring our Comfy600 German pocketed coil, ECO Mini comfort coil & Italian AIRoGEL, & 1″ of FLO FOM, this model provides the sleeper with more of a PLUSH/PILLOWSOFT feel. 24ILD
Starting at $1894


Considered a PillowSoft Comfort level with a 22ILD, this is our model featuring our Comfy600 German pocketed coil topped with the top foam in the industry – Genuine Latex.
Starting at $998

Inner Cloud

This is a favorite of those folks looking at “Memory Foam beds”. The INNERCLOUD has the feel of an all-foam model, but with our Comfy600 German pocketed coil, it is guaranteed to maintain it’s support for many years!
Starting at $998


The Emerald has a Firmness rating of 30ILD, which puts it right smack in the middle of the Firm/Soft spectrum.
Starting at $798


More PLUSH version of the Chateau, Goldilocks would have picked this one.
Starting at $498

PillowSOFT Mattresses


If there were a Mr. Universe contest for mattresses, the DREAM would win. Using 15 different component manufacturers, the DREAM is comprised of the finest luxury materials from around the globe. German coils, Italian AIRoGEL, American Latex & FLO Foams. No wonder this bed weighs over 200 pounds!

Coming in at a 22ILD, the DREAM is on the soft end of the spectrum.
Starting at $2898


The DIVINE, as the name implies, is a bed for those who find their sleep Nirvana in a luxuriously plush environment. With a Firmness rating of 19ILD, the DIVINE is quite soft. But, unlike the other brands, Comfort King mattresses are Guaranteed to mainain their support of the life of the mattress. It’s called our SoftSpot Warranty.
Starting at $2120


The ANGELIC is on the softer end of the spectrum, but it’s soft in a GOOD way. Unlike mass-produced mattresses of a similar feel, the Angelic will maintain it’s feel & shape for many years. Have you ever heard of a mattress Warranty that covers “Loss of Firmness”? Well, Comfort King has set a new standard in the industry!
Starting at $646


The PARADISE has been one of our (if not THE) best sellers of all time. Coming in at a 24 ILD, the PARADISE is what we call a “Pillow Soft” type of comfort.
Starting at $1582


If you’re considering an all-foam Memory foam bed, the Infinity is, in our humble opinion, a much more supportive & durable option. Why, you ask? It starts with our Comfy800 German pocketed coil system (which will outlast ANY foam core on the planet) & topped with genuine Hypo-Allergenic Latex foam & + 1″ of super comfy FLO foam, wrapped in a zippered quilted cover.
Starting at $1396

comfortking harmony

One of Softest models with a Firmness rating of 21ILD, the Harmony offers 2″ of 8ild FLO FOM supported by our German Coil-on-Coil system.
Starting at $998

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