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King Hybrid Mattresses

The World’s Best King Hybrid Mattresses

Choosing the best mattress is essential towards getting a good night’s sleep. Getting the right length and width will add more to your comfort and convenience. When choosing a mattress, go for the one that fits your needs, comfort and space.

What Is the Largest Mattress Size?

The standard king-size mattress, which measures 76 inches by 80 inches, is the largest mattress size by the US standard manufacturing. They fit a bed frame of about 76 inches by 80 inches. When it comes to oversized mattresses, the Alaskan king is the largest mattress available, measuring a staggering 108 inches by 108 inches. It requires a significant amount of bedroom space and offers about 54 inches of space.

The oversized mattresses category is dominated by three mattresses, including the Wyoming King, Alaskan King, and the Texas King. The Wyoming King measures 84 inches by 84 inches while the Texas King measures 80 inches by 94 inches. These mattresses are ideal for large couples, tall sleepers and can accommodate co-sleeping with children or pets. They are also more expensive than standard-sized beds and require a lot of space in the bedroom.

King-Size Mattresses

King-size mattresses—aka, the “Eastern King”—can fit in rooms up to 13 feet by 19 feet and offer space for nightstands and a dresser. They have plenty of space to stretch your legs and share with other sleepers.

A king-size mattress is longer and wider than the queen mattress by 16 inches in width. It offers 38 inches between two sleepers. They are the equivalent of two twin mattresses pushed together in width. When buying king-size mattresses, it is essential to ensure that your room calculations are accurate to ensure that the mattress properly fits.

There are many king-size mattress types to choose from including Hybrid, all foam, latex and innerspring. Hybrid mattresses consist of support coils with conforming comfort and pressure relief foam, while latex foam mattresses are durable and offer comfort by conforming to the body.

Hybrid mattresses are made from a polymer called polyurethane, which is usually found in car seats, sofas, and spray foams. Many people find them comfortable in the showroom, but the slow-recovery aspect make it difficult to move freely throughout the night.

King-size mattresses provide plenty of space for restless sleepers. They are worth the extra investment due to the spacious luxury that they bring to your home. They are also suitable for beds with an adjustable base. A king-size mattress eases pressure on the ankles and Achilles tendons by offering room to fully stretch your legs. If you have a partner who tosses and turns, a king-size mattress will also allow you to sleep more peacefully since you will be less likely to feel your partner’s movements.

What’s the Ideal Amount of Room Space for a King-Size Mattress?

When it comes to room space, it depends mostly on your mattress preference. The space requirements also depend on the type of bed frame you are using. As a general rule, having a room at least 12-feet square will ensure that your king size fits comfortably. Having a bed frame that has at least two feet of clearance on all sides will offer some room for a nightstand or a dresser. It will also ensure that you don’t feel like the bed dominates the whole space.

When choosing a bed frame, it’s important to consider how you will move everything into the room. Other factors to consider include the size of your doorways, corners, and stairs to ensure that you can transport the mattress with ease into your home.

Benefits of a Bigger Bed

Larger beds undoubtedly provide better sleep. Twin beds are fine for children and growing teens can eventually graduate to a full-size bed with no problem. But these sizes are simply too cramped and uncomfortable for couples, especially those with children or pets.

Queen-size mattresses are economical for couples who have limited space in their home or do not have kids or furry friends that will take up space. Even so, a custom-made king-size bed from Comfort King is worth the investment no matter how many people live in your home. We’ll provide you with multiple comfort options and create a mattress based on your unique specifications. Visit our Sioux Falls or Fargo locations today to get started!