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King vs Queen Bed

What Is the Difference Between King and Queen Beds?

There are various mattress sizes available in the U.S. You can get a smaller mattress, like a twin XL bed, or you can go as big as a California King. Most people end up picking between queen and king beds, so we’re going to talk about some of their differences so you can pick the right bed for your situation.

Who Is a King Bed Ideal For?

The king bed is one of the largest bed options available since it is 80 inches long and 72 inches wide. Many people will think that a king bed is designed specifically for married couples since they can both comfortably sleep on it. However, the king-size mattress is an excellent choice for single sleepers as well.

For example, you may be an active sleeper who moves around in your sleep. If you roll around a lot when you go to bed, you could end up falling off a full-size or even a queen-size bed. However, if you get a king-size bed for your room, you won’t have to worry about rolling off of it at night.

It also works for people who want to have a bit more room and flexibility with their beds. You may want to have more space so you can use your computer on your bed or lie down in the perfect position to watch TV. You could even purchase a California king mattress if you’re over 6’0” tall and need more leg room.

King-size beds are the ideal size for a large master bedroom. Even if you don’t need a king-size bed, you may have a large master bedroom that will look empty if you don’t pick a mattress with the correct size bed dimensions.

Differences Between Queen and King Beds

As you are probably already aware, queen beds are smaller than the king. Due to this, king-size mattresses can comfortably fit two people, but a queen-size mattress will still work if you prefer it. You’ll need to weigh out the differences to see which mattress type is your best option.

Since the sizes have different bed dimensions, you need to keep in mind that the bed frames will vary as well. For example, if you have a queen-size bed frame, you won’t be able to fit a king-size bed on it. While the length will be long enough, the width won’t be the right size for a king mattress.

Some people may think that king vs. queen mattress comparisons will show that they have a different thickness, but they are actually the same. The thickness will only vary if you special order them to be made with a different material or mattress top. Also, if you want a taller bed, you can get a different springboard for your bed.

How Much Bigger Is a King Than a Queen Bed?

People think that the king-size bed has a longer length and width, but this isn’t the case. Both the king- and the queen-size beds are 80 inches long, so you won’t get more leg room if you purchase a king-size bed. However, the king-size bed is 76 inches wide while the queen is 60 inches wide.

In short, the queen-size bed has a shorter width than the king-size bed, so it’s a good option if you share the bed with someone and you both want to have more space.

Is a Queen Mattress Right for You?

Depending on your situation, you may question if a queen-size bed would be a good choice for you. After all, is it worth shelling out more money when you think about the size differences between a queen-size and a full-size bed? Is the extra space worth the purchase when you think about it?

A queen-size mattress is better for bigger people than a full-size mattress. A queen-size is 80 inches long and 60 inches wide whereas a full-size bed is 74 inches long and 54 inches wide. So, if you’re a taller person or if you have a bigger build, then the queen-size might be a better choice for you over a full-size bed.

Keep in mind that room size will also play a role in the type of mattress you should purchase. For example, if you have a small room, then a queen-size mattress may take up too much space. However, a queen-size mattress would work well for a bigger room while a full-size mattress would look too small in it.

A queen-size mattress is also great if you want some extra space or if you want to feel comfortable whenever you go to bed. A queen-size is also a great option if you want to save some money but you want your bed to be bigger than a full-size one. In short, it’s a great in-between choice if you don’t want a full or a king.

Which Size Is Best for Your Needs?

Remember that there are multiple bed sizes to meet your personal needs. For example, if you feel that a standard king-size mattress isn’t big enough for you, then you should purchase a California king. But if you have a toddler in your home, you won’t need to purchase a full bed for him or her, so a twin-size mattress may suffice instead.

There’s also the chance that you and your significant other may not like the same type of mattress. For example, you may prefer an extra firm mattress and your partner may want another type. If this is the case, you can purchase a split king instead. A split king is a king-size mattress cut in half. It essentially makes it so you can have two different types of mattresses.

With this in mind, you can easily find a mattress that will best fit your needs. If you live alone and you have a small bedroom, you may want a full-size mattress. On the other hand, if you have a massive bedroom, you may want a California king to make it look proportionate to the room itself.

Comfort King’s Custom Size Options

Whether you want a king, a queen, or something in between, you can get in contact with us at Comfort King. Our sleep specialists in Sioux Falls and Fargo will go over your personalization options so that we can build the perfect mattress for you that will offer optimal comfort for the full lifespan of the mattress.

We can even change the dimensions of the mattress for you depending on what you think is best for you. Simply provide specifications for the dimensions you want for your custom mattress so we can make adjustments and manufacture a bed according to your instructions.