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California King Mattresses

The World’s Best California King Mattresses

With a large selection of beds available on the market, it can be tedious narrowing down to a mattress that satisfies all your sleep essentials. But a California king mattress from Comfort King in Sioux Falls can prove to be an excellent consumer choice. Sometimes abbreviated to Cal King, this standard mattress size is ideal for tall sleepers and provides sufficient space to stretch and roll over. Therefore, if you are considering buying a California mattress, we answer some of the commonly asked questions and shed some insight into its quality features.

How Big Is a California King Mattress?

A California King size mattress measures 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. This makes it roughly 4 inches taller than a standard king size bed. One clear benefit of a California king size mattress is its spaciousness to accommodate individuals over 6 feet comfortably.

Though it offers substantial legroom, a California king size falls short on width as it features less surface area than a regular king size bed, which measures 4 inches wider than the Cal King mattress. The standard king mattress is 76 inches wide compared to the California King, which is 72 inches wide. Furthermore, the recommended width per individual of a California king size is 36 inches, ultimately giving you less breadth space per sleeper. This can make sleeping challenging when snuggling up with pets and children, creating a tight fit.

However, a custom-made California king size mattress from Comfort King in Sioux Falls and Fargo, can help alleviate this problem. We provide tailored-fit mattresses, made using premium materials and sized to match your desired dimensions. And unlike most alternatives, our mattresses go hand in hand with tailor-crafted beds, saving you the trouble of shopping for a specific mattress to fit your bed.

Can You Use a California King Mattress With a King-Size Bed Frame?

A California king size mattress is roughly 4 inches taller and 5 inches narrower than a standard king size bed, meaning that your mattress will hang past a regular king bed frame. To fill your king size bed frame adequately, consider adjusting your bed dimensions. For example, if your king size bed is equipped with a metal headboard rail frame, you can extend the bed frame by switching the rails for longer California king-sized bed rails.

Our custom-made California king mattress from Comfort King is a mattress you can adjust to fit any standard king-size frame. Whether you’re using a customized king size bed or a conventional one, we can adjust our California king size mattresses’ dimensions to match your bed frame.

What Kind of Bedroom Do You Need for a California King Bed?

Due to its narrow width, California king mattresses don’t take up much room. A California king bed is rectangular, meaning they are best suited to houses with sufficient vertical space, making them ideal for master bedrooms or narrow spaces.

However, depending on the room’s shape, the bed might end up making your room feel cluttered and clogged. Therefore, it’s a good idea to move aside drawers, dressers, and tables to the side to create more legroom to accommodate the bed. For your California king to feel well balanced, you need at least 13 feet by 15 feet of space within your room. To increase comfort, provide 2 feet of free space around your bed to further improve mobility around the room.

Will the Same Pillows Fit Both a Standard King and a California King Bed?

Regardless of mattress size, both standard king and California king beds utilize the same pillows. However, standard king size bed pillows are bigger than the latter. The difference in pillow proportion may cause your bed to seem uneven or slightly smaller. Nonetheless, you can still equip your California king bed with a firm pillow or a soft plush pillow to increase comfortability as they would with a regular king size bed. For ultimate neck support as you sleep on your California king, we recommend our adjustable Comfy Pillow.

Are California King Beds More Expensive Than Standard King Beds?

Depending on the brand, California king beds can be slightly more expensive than standard king beds. For starters, because California king beds are recent, the cost of securing additional components such as mattress protectors and bed frames will be more difficult, ultimately increasing their value. Furthermore, mattress material plays a vital role in the overall cost. Therefore, make sure you consider the mattress composition when buying a California king bed.

How Does the Comfort of a California King Compare to a Standard King?

While mattress size can influence some degree of comfort, it’s the mattress type that determines the quality of sleep achieved at the end of the day. All of our mattresses are made up of various materials, ranging from memory foam to hybrid mattress and latex.

Pillow Top Mattress

A pillow top mattress provides an extra layer of padding at the surface or top mattress. You can customize your California king mattress to feature pillow top properties and even increase the comfort of an extra firm mattress by adding an ultra-plush layer.

Firm Mattress

Firm mattresses don’t contour like memory foam; instead, they prevent you from sinking. Furthermore, you can alter your mattress’s tension by purchasing an extra firm, firm medium plush, or a cushion firm pillow top mattress to ease out the discomfort and bolster a cushioning effect.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are plush and conform to match the body. An ultra-plush memory foam mattress can provide delicate, soft comfort. You can scale the comfort level to medium plush ultra for a subtle effect or completely downgrade to firm mattress memory foam to alleviate a sore back.

Plush Mattress

A plush mattress is a combination of a firm and a pillow top mattress. At Comfort King, our California king mattresses can be customized with additional layers to provide sufficient support.

Hybrid Mattresses

A hybrid mattress combines memory foam technology with conventional metal springs to increase overall comfort and alleviate spinal compression when sleeping on your back.


Latex mattresses are made from rubber produced by natural tree sap. They are durable, dense, and relatively cheap. Various mattress types can affect your comfort. However, if you were to compare both standard mattresses, some may find a California king mattress more comfortable because of the sufficient leg room it provides for tall sleepers.

Getting a good night’s sleep can be as simple as securing the right mattress. At Comfort King, we offer high-quality and cozy California king bed size mattresses ranging from pillow top mattresses to memory foam and hybrid mattresses. We offer a wide range of mattress types and sizes, as well as financing options to make it easier than ever to get the best night’s sleep of your life. Give us a call at (605) 371.4540 to request a quote on your California king mattress today!