Soft Spots - The Invisible Mattress Back Killer

Soft spots are formed when the foam in a mattress loses its ability to support you.  While it may maintain 100% of its shape, your comfort and good night’s sleep is lost.  Studies have shown that a loss of 20% or more can lead to chronic lower back pain.

NO other mattress warranties cover soft spots, they will only cover visible sagging and since most foam will still maintain its shape, it’ll be you that is sunk.  Comfort King is the only mattress company that offers a true SoftSpot Warranty.

Watch the videos on this page to learn more.

Most beds on the market today will develop a 20% soft spot in the 1st 5 years. Comfort King is the only brand in the world with a SOFTSPOT Warranty.

We know we make the best mattresses on the planet. Now we have proved it. Watch this clip from North Dakota Today when they stopped by our Fargo store.


At Comfort King, we’ve spent the past 24 years perfecting the art of mattress making. With our creation of the LCG, we’ve acquired literally thousands of research & development experiences, giving us the knowledge of what ACTUALLY breaks down in mattresses over the years and to what degree.

Recently, we have invested in an Engineering Testing System to help us identify what customers FEEL in their mattresses, but cannot be measured with the archiac tool of the pulled string – soft spots.

Watch these videos of our measurement tool in action.

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