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What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

What’s a Hybrid Mattress and What Do You Need To Know?

When it comes to choosing a mattress, it’s a good idea to know what your options are before you make a decision. We’re going to take a closer look at one of the most popular options, the hybrid mattress, so you can get a better idea of what it is and whether it’s the right fit for your body and the way you sleep. 

Hybrid Mattress vs. Memory Foam Mattress Comparison: 

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by so many mattress options? All the different terms used to describe them definitely don’t make it easy. Two of the mattress types you might have heard a lot about are hybrid and memory foam, and you may even have heard them used interchangeably. But they are not the same. 

A memory foam mattress is made with polyurethane. It’s designed to compress and form to your body for comfortable sleep. It actually compresses a lot, and quite easily. If you’ve ever laid on a memory foam mattress you know how you start to sink into it almost immediately. There are no springs in this mattress, which means it generally doesn’t have much support compared to other mattress types.

In contrast, a hybrid mattress is a mattress that is made with both coils and foam.  The innerspring system (coils) serves as the support mechanism, with the various layers of cushioning used to address the pressure-point-relieving comfort layers. The term hybrid came to be when mattresses started being built entirely out of foam. While the term “hybrid” is relatively new to the vernacular, the actual construction of a hybrid mattress is based on a design structure that has been the industry standard for over 70 years. A “memory” foam, or slow-recovery foam mattress, by contrast, is comprised entirely out of polyurethane (PU) foams.

But there’s more to consider. Industry experts widely agree, along with over 70 years of real-world experience, that innerspring mattresses will provide  superior support & durability versus an all-foam mattress, particularly over a 10-20 year period. Steel is stronger than foam after all.

The Differences You Need To Know

Hybrid mattresses provide more support than memory foam mattresses thanks to the innerspring system. The springs help keep your body from sinking all the way into the mattress whereas a memory foam mattress could simply continue to compress around your body. Those who sleep on their back, those who are a little heavier and those who sleep on their stomach can get a lot of benefits out of this design.

Hybrid mattresses are also breathable because they don’t compress as much. While the upper comfort layers might compress a little, the lower levels are made up of springs, which means there’s a lot of space around them to provide airflow. This is going to keep you feeling cooler throughout the night. 

And of course, being made with springs inside, these mattresses are actually more long-lasting. The foam in a memory foam mattress doesn’t have anything to hold it up, and it’s been known to compress over time.  All-foam beds also have earned a reputation for trapping body heat, and creating a “sweatbox” effect for many sleepers.  

The bottom line is, an innerspring mattress will always outperform a foam core mattress in any durability test, while also providing ideal support & airflow.

What Does It Feel Like to Sleep on a Hybrid Mattress?

Some have described sleeping on a hybrid mattress as like a “hug” from your mattress. However, the feel of a hybrid mattress depends on the model you choose. Because there are springs and coils inside this style of mattress,  it’s going to give you both support and cushioning. You shouldn’t feel a lot of pressure though, that’s where the comfort layer part comes in. If you have a good comfort layer over the top, you’re going to feel the support of the springs but not the springs themselves. The primary purpose of an innerspring coil system in a mattress is to provide support while the foam layers are to provide cushion, both are important to provide the sleeper with a comfortable and durable product.

If you opt for a lot of cushioning, you may feel more like you’re sleeping on a memory foam mattress. On the other hand, if you have a small amount of cushion, you may find that you have a lot of motion transfer and your mattress is quite bouncy when you move around at night.