Mattress “Sales”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “sale” as: available for purchase at a reduced price.

However, in the world of mattress retailers, “mattress sales” are a marketing ploy intended to lure shoppers into their stores under false pretenses. At Comfort King, we have an expression: MATTRESS SALES ARE FAIRY TALES

The above ad is extremely common, all over the United States. Whenever ANY holiday comes around, like clockwork the mattress retailers come out with an ad that states a supposed huge markdown that ends VERY SOON!!! But what if it’s not really a temporary markdown? Would it bother you if a business straight up lying to you?

It should bother you. Any business or salesperson who is willing to lie about the price will lie about anything else, just to sell you a product.

Here’s the reality of the mattress business: a Mattress Retailer- let’s call it “Mattress Farm”-buys a mattress for $500. Now the industry standard for profit margin is called “Keystone”, which means the retailer will double their cost. So, the retailer will be selling that $500 bed for $1,000. But, to make it look like a GREAT DEAL, the retailer will first mark that mattress up to $1,500, which is 3X the cost. Then, the salesperson will operate under the understanding that they have “wiggle room” to negotiate that price down to $1,000. And here’s the kicker: the salesperson will be incentivized to get more $ above the doubled price, usually with cash bonuses. So, If you happen to be a person who doesn’t particularly enjoy negotiating prices, you will be PENALIZED by paying a higher cost.

For over 28 years, Comfort King has always practiced Bottom Line Pricing. It’s an honest & transparent way for us to make sure that our customers are treated fairly, at all times. Our promise to you is that we will never lie to you, about anything, to earn your business. We believe that your Sleep is too important to play these kinda games with. It’s part of our DNA.

And right now I am asking you, as a consumer, to take a stand against any retailer that chooses to lie about their prices, or anything else. Don’t buy from them. Tell your friends to not buy from them. Honor the local business who operates with Integrity, instead of Greed.