The World’s Best Mattresses
It’s worth repeating that you’ll find the best mattresses right here.  Below you’ll find a selection of mattresses as designed by Comfort King, but any of these can be customized for what you need.  Tap the button to the right and let us know what you need and we’ll give you a quote.


PillowSOFT Mattresses


If there were a Mr. Universe contest for mattresses, the DREAM would win. 5Zone pocketed coil+convoluted foam+MicroCoil (2.25” tall)+2.25” SOMNI GEL+ 2” Hypo-Allergenic Latex Foam+Zippered Quilt. No wonder this bed weighs over 200 pounds!
Starting at $2498


Slightly thicker version of the Paradise, this model boasts a 1375 (in queen) coil count MicroCoil @ 2.25” tall in the zippered pillowtop for a more-supportive, longer-lasting “PILLOWY” feel than foam alone can offer.
Starting at $1386


The ANGELIC is on the softer end of the spectrum, but it’s soft in a GOOD way. Unlike mass-produced mattresses of a similar fell, the Angelic will maintain it’s feel & shape for many years. Not only do we use 1.8 pound density poly foam, but also a revolutionary mini-coil called the SquareFlex, which uses 800 individually wrapped 1.5 inch tall coils to provide comfort & support. 
Starting at $688


You like soft beds, and your not ashamed to say it. Some people say “A FIRM mattress is best for a bad back!”. Well, hold your horses there. Some of us prefer a mattress that hugs you back. Welcome to MarshmellowLand.
Starting at $1684


Considered by thousands of sleep experts to be the GREATEST MATTRESS EVER DESIGNED, the Paradise is the longest-running model in our lineup at over 14 years & counting. PILLOWSOFT with 2” Latex foam & 1” Gel Memory Foam & a zipper. You don’t mess with perfection.
Starting at $1324


The PRINCESS is our thickest, plushest model in our entry-level “kids beds/guest beds” line; featuring a traditional coil system & 1.8 Density foams.
Starting at $344

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