The World’s Best Mattresses
It’s worth repeating that you’ll find the best mattresses right here.  Below you’ll find a selection of mattresses as designed by Comfort King, but any of these can be customized for what you need.  Tap the button to the right and let us know what you need and we’ll give you a quote.


Plush Mattresses


Featuring our German ECO Flex coil + 1 1/2″ 800 CC SquareFlex mini-coil +1 1/8th inch SOMNI GEL + 1” Latex foam , this model provides the sleeper with more of a PLUSH/PILLOWSOFT feel.
Starting at $1586


If you’re considering an all-foam Memory foam bed, the Infinity is, in our humble opinion, a much more supportive & durable option. Why, you ask? It starts with our 5 Zoned German Pocketed Coil system, topped with 1” of Hypo-Allergenic Latex foam + 1” of Gel Memory foam, wrapped in a zippered stretch fabric.
Starting at $1196


Considered a PLUSH/PILLOWSOFT, this is our model featuring both Gel Memory Foam & Latex (rubber) foam. Longer warranty (15 years).
Starting at $998

Inner Cloud

This is a favorite of those folks looking at “Memory Foam beds”. Basically the PLUSH version of the Harmony. It has a zipper & will outlast that other brand that rhymes with “Flemkur Sheedik”.
Starting at $826


The PLUSH version of the Splendor.
Starting at $732


More PLUSH version of the Chateau, Goldilocks woulda picked this one.
Starting at $466

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